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Sun 29th Dec 2019 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE John 10:1-10 Leadership Spotting The True Shepherd Simon Abrams
Sun 11th Aug 2019 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE Psalm 127 Songs of Ascent Psalm 127: Unless the Lord Builds the House Simon Abrams
Sun 29th Jul 2018 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE Revelation 2:12-17 Revelation Do Not Compromise The Truth Simon Abrams
Sun 31st Dec 2017 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE Philippians 4:4-7 New Year Facing a New Year Simon Abrams
Sun 27th Aug 2017 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE Philemon Book in One Book in One: Philemon Simon Abrams
Sun 14th Aug 2016 16:00 SUNDAY SERVICE Sanctification Doctrine Our Relationship with God Simon Abrams